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Use this site and its form to list your energy or fuel-related event for anyone to see. All submissions will be pushed to a single spreadsheet (Google Sheet)


That sheet will show anyone interested in fuel-related events what is going on in the propane, heating oil, fuel spaces.

Intended for the listing of conferences and trade shows, you or anyone can list an event's basic info to allow the rest of the fuel industry to see the entire event universe as it pertains to fuel

Simple.  Free.   Easy


The only "project" for this site is to allow anyone in the fuel industry to 

1 - submit the basic inf for any industry event:  no usernames, no passwords, no secret handshakes or decoder rings.


2- view the collective submissions that are pushed to a simple Google Sheet that anyone on the planet can view.   The goal is to get all the events one might care about all in once place with a minimum of pain to get that done

This is not about "pretty"; its about the data and lowering or removing the obstacles to collecting it and getting it in to one place so anyone with interest in fuel or energy-related events can use it.


The "client" is you, or anyone in the fuel industry that would like to see the event landscape in one place so you can plan your future.

Trade Associations and Event Organizers can provide their events so others will know not to "book over" other events, and the submissions of others will give you the info needed to avoid conflicting with the events of others

Vendors can use this to list there events and use the data to plan for their company event participation in the months and years to come.  No more surprise events you did not know about.

Attendees of events can finally see the event landscape in one place and avoid conflicting events and allocate personnel to cover the events you need to be involved in

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For years I have been frustrated with the challenge of keeping track of fuel-related events across the country.  In the past:

- as an event planner for associations I wanted to avoid booking my event over that of others.  
- as an attendee, i could not plan to attend a meeting I did not know about, and 
- as a vendor, I needed to know what conference or trade shows were important to me so i could plan my participation.

The form and resulting spreadsheet (a.k.a "the project") is an effort to get fuel-related events info in to one place with a minimum of effort.

The data contained herein relies on the information provided by event planners, including fuel industry trade associations, individuals and companies that provider goods and serices to the fuel indsityr (aka "Vendors"}, and the people and companies that attend these meetings and events..   ECC thanks all of you that are or have contributed event info to the site for your help.


Contact me,, 802-558-6101 cell & text, if needed


"requires so little of anyone participating." -  May 18 2021

Editor, Fuel Oil News

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